We gather together to thank God
for the life, love and friendship of
Daryl Therese
b 24/02/1931 d 13/10/2021
Peggy Constable
Poem for Mum

My greatest love was to be a wife and mother
there was no desire for any other
I showed my love through many deeds
cooking, sewing, gardening and meeting all your needs.

Family was everything to me
when we shared time together
I was happy as can be!

In my mind, I'd never be old
taking pride in my appearance
a glamour I was told
I spoke my mind with the best intention
I didn't intend to offend, I need to make this mention.

My love for all of you was deep
remember the fun times, the hugs and laughter, don't weep.

I've had a full and long life with you all
and know I'll remain in your heart
so there you are we’ll never be apart
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What if there is no live stream available?
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Known areas streaming is not possible:
Casino Lawn Cemetery.
I missed the stream, can I still watch the video?
Yes you can. An edited version of the video will be uploaded to this page approx. 3-14 days after the service for viewing and download.

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